stuff destined for trash, speak up if wanted (more)

From: Teo Zenios <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 17:31:45 2004

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> After the PeeCee stuff, I will probably start going through my DEC stuff
> offering a lot to the list (probably some RA81's, maybe some RL02's,
> definitely some 11/23 type systems, racks, chassis, might be an empty
> chassis in very poor condition, etc.). HP stuff (HP1000 stuff) will be
> offered soon too. At the very least I will be offering 4 nice HP racks,
> probably some 21MX cpu's, definitely some 7906 drives, 13037 boxes, maybe
> 2100 chassis that's been scavenged for spares if anyone wants it). Yes, I
> have the "clean the house and trim down the extras from the collection
> Please don't email me about the DEC & HP stuff yet. Just giving an idea
> might be going. I will definitely post that stuff to the list before
> scrapping it.
> Also available - HP T1000 tape drive for cost of shipping. Don't think you
> can buy tapes for these anymore though (TR1).
> Next posting will be a lot of PC small dot matrix printers. Epson, Star,
> etc. Also have a bunch of old pc monitors that will be hitting the trash,
> not gonna post those!
> Yes, I know a lot of this is barely 10 years old, and certainly not
> collectable in MY opinion. I just want the space back. But before I send
> to the dumpster I just wanted to make sure I wasn't tossing something
> someone here might look for. I mean, it's not easy to find Vesa Local Bus
> cards anymore!
> Jay
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Any Amiga stuff hitting the trash (Atari ST, apple IIgs, etc)?
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