This just makes me really SICK

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Date: Sun Jan 18 18:24:49 2004

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> This hobby is somewhat unique in that for the most part dealers really
> don't have a necessary place in it. One can do just fine (and I know many
> people who did and do) simply putting in the sometimes minimal effort it
> takes to dig up some nice old computer for their collection.
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This is where I think location happens to be more important then effort
expended. If your in computer technology heaven (California silicon valley)
you probably trip over more equipment then I could find around here (vintage
equipment that is). PatrickFinnegans friend with the $2M IBM machine for
$21.20 just happens to hit the Purdue University auctions which is hard for
people not in that area to do on a regular basis. Your hobby has a business
side to it, mine doesn't.
My collecting is mostly in the 80's to 90's personal computer era (stuff I
always wanted and didn't have the cash at the time), not the industrial
mini -mainframe equipment so unloading pallets isn't something I normally
do. Stuff you wouldn't even look at I would probably want.
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