Emulators of Classic Computers

From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sun Jan 18 20:22:49 2004

Jim Davis wrote:
> 181's were priced at $3.75 in 1979, But micros were coming on strong
> and wiped the
> home brew ttl micros aside. I know. I built a ttl 181 / 189 based cpu
> and junked it for
> the altair.
> Jim Davis,.

How ever I don't like the 32/16/8 bit INTEL crap.
I don't like FPGA's because you don't have Source Code
for programing them.I don't like TTL because you need
several large PCB's and a 20+ amp power supply.
I don't care for UNIX and clones because they don't
have a clean GUI. No comment on the CRAPPY GUI OS's.
I am not happy with the current computer stuff.

I liked CLASSIC computers because it looked like
average people could own and USE a computer. I liked the
idea of home-brew for that reason. Now with TTL becoming
outdated I would like to design something usefull with
it while I can still buy it.
I have FPGA board here, but it is outdated and I need
a new software license every few months.
Mind you with the high speed transistors out, how fast
and how much money would a ECL style PCB similar in size
and function as DEC FLIP/CLIP?

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