'not well' Osborne 1 mk 2

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jan 19 07:22:31 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 12:33, Witchy wrote:
> > And from where did this (magic) smoke come? You do, of course, realise
> > that it's smoke that makes electronic devices work -- when the smoke
> > comes out they stop working.
> Oh yes :) It was very weird - I've not come across conductive plastic
> before! I had the motherboard resting the right way up on the thick plastic
> sheet (mylar?) that covers the bottom of the power supply and the underside
> of the top part of the case, also plastic.

I made that mistake with a Mac PSU that had failed the other day - the
nearest thing to lay it out on in order to measure a few voltages was
the underside of the plastic lid to the Mac.

Note to self: The shielding paint or whatever it is they use on the
underside of the lid is quite nicely conductive. Whoops :-) (Yes, I was
half-asleep that day)


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