Aquarius II on eBay didn't sell at over $400

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Date: Mon Jan 19 12:12:45 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Teo Zenios wrote:

> Well I feel better now reading how bad the aquarius bombed (I purchased a
> Timex 2068 in 1983 which didn't do to well either but had better specs then
> the aquarius). Still have it here somewhere.

For what it was it wasn't a bad little machine. Just imagine a computer
marketed by a toy company and that's what this was. The keyboard was a
"chiclet" variety, just barely useable, and the BASIC language was
adequate, barely, especially after taking more than 2K for itself and
leaving you with less than 2K to actually write programs in.

But it did include a full complement of tightly integrated peripherals.
The data recorder, the 40-column thermal printer, the expansion module
that allowed an extra RAM carthridge (required by most games). It also
had a modem and some terminal software.

I was able to write games for it (crappy ones but games nonetheless) and
also wrote a database program to manage my comic book collection (stored
on cassette).

And, I learned how to program on it.

It was a serious attempt at making a user friendly computer system. If it
wasn't so under-powered and limited it might have been passable.

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