DEC MINC-11 question

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Date: Mon Jan 19 13:22:57 2004

If I remember correctly, the MINC-11 is just a Q-bus machine with extra
analog/digital I/O for laboratory work. The standard serial I/O on every
DEC machine I've used has been just 3-wire (recieve,transmit, ground),
XON/XOFF, 9600 baud, no parity, 8 bits. You can use Hyperterm IF you
set it up for software handshaking. If you forget to change it, then
the default is hardware handshaking and hyperterm will appear hung.

the m8012 (BDV-11) has two switches on the edge, halt enable and restart.

Halt enable is used to put it into ODT.

Lights: The green led is power ok. if all 4 red leds are on, then the
system is hung; halt switch or power up mode wrong. At least that is
the message in the interfaces handbook.

Make sure your VT102 is not in local mode, they like to switch to that

Joe Heck
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