MSCP Spec questions

From: Johnny Billquist <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 14:21:24 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> So, is there a document anywhere that explains the 'programmatic'
> interface to MSCP-type controllers (or for any particular controllers)?
> And I'm looking for disk MSCP not TMSCP. Basically, I'd like something
> that explains the registers, command packets, etc. for hardware like a
> RQDX3 or KDA50 or...
> Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried with little luck on google
> last night to find thist kind of stuff.

Difficult to find.
Also, the MSCP documentation will, and will not, tell you what you
need. MSCP is a packet-based communication protocol. The MSCP specs. will
describe the packets. How exactly you send those packets, and what
additional information is wrapped around them is controller specific, and
is dealt with in the programming manuals for that controller. So, the MSCP
manuals don't describe any registers, or stuff like that.

MSCP is very abstract for a hardware oriented person. :-)


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