MSCP Spec questions

From: Johnny Billquist <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 15:25:11 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Antonio Carlini wrote:

> > So, is there a document anywhere that explains the 'programmatic'
> > interface to MSCP-type controllers (or for any particular
> > controllers)?
> > And I'm looking for disk MSCP not TMSCP. Basically, I'd like
> > something
> > that explains the registers, command packets, etc. for
> > hardware like a
> > RQDX3 or KDA50 or...
> There's one on but that's
> down until Fred gets back to tend to it.

That describes MSCP. It will not be enough to write a device driver, since
it don't describe the communication protocol between the computer and the
controller (that is the registers, the command/response rings, and so on).

But I could make that MSCP doc. available, if someone can tell me it's
legal to do so.


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