Anyone see TechTV Screensavers - Homebrew Computer Club???

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 02:30:38 2004

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          Curt Vendel <> wrote:

> Did anyone catch that show the other night, I Tivo'd it, and it was kinda
> cool hearing from the founders, nothing really new was mentioned or
> covered, they did really razz Bill Gates about his whiny letter to the
> Homebrew Club about them pirating MS Basic and such.
Can someone MPEG or DivX the show? If it's less than 200MB, I can provide the
hosting :)
Incidentally, I did contact Sky (the UK satellite TV co., aka BskyB) not long
ago regarding TechTV. Their response consisted of two words - "No" and
"chance". *sigh*.

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