IBM PS/2 Model L40 SX

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Date: Tue Jan 20 13:31:40 2004

> Quick question,
> What would folks here be prepared to pay for this machine,
> particularly as it's boxed and never been used? It went into the
> workshop to have a hard drive fitted shortly after being bought in
> 1992 or thereabouts and for whatever reason it sat on a shelf
> forever thereafter.
> Or is the general concensus 'oh it's just a 386SX PC running DOS 5'
> Pix at
> cheers

This is nice notebook and I almost chose that but a ill-informed
reviewer said uses non-standard hd (1) and I went with compaq LTE
386s/20 an awful notebook to go with college. Used that
compaq to bits even unsoldered 386sx cpu for 25mhz AMD 386sx cpu and
replaced the oscillator chip. Worked like a treat and blew away
cyrix's 486SLC because compaq used external 1K 2way cache.

1. I found out few years later that L40 SX uses standard simm
picking correct chip type and file the middle notch bit deeper,
resolder the SMD resistor chips to present correct memory type ID to
notebook. HD is actually standard 2.5" notebook hd 44pin IDE.
Aggh! Should had known and took that L40 SX instead!

FYI: LTE 286 was the first notebook to use electrically standard
44pin pinout but physical pin spacing was not. HD was unique 3.5" x
.75" stubby HD by conner. If that hd is bad which is really often
is, simply make new cable adapter to accept standard 2.5" notebook
HD (done one already and this works). Physical mounting the 2.5" in
3.5" space is up to reader's excerise.

If others is wondering, I don't have L40 SX. Someday I will find one
cheaply in decent condition to play with.


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