Advice on using SVGA monitor on SGI?

From: Dan Williams <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 20:15:17 2004

Joe R. wrote:

> I have a SGI Indigo and Indigo II along with a pile of Sun stuff. I'm
>wondering if I can replace all the funky monitors with one modern multisync
>SVGA monitor. Anybody know of any reason that this won't work, or have any
>recommendations about what kind of video adapter I need or where to get
>one? (13W3 to SVGA).
> Joe
I use a 20" sgi monitor (20d11) with a sync convertor, this works with a
normal pc, sgi , vax's and sun machines. The bad news is I can't
remember where I got it from, it was from the US and it converts
sync-on-green both ways. It is a vga convertor but with a vga cable and
2 13w3 connectors, it does the job and has done for about 3 years.
The only thing I remember about it is looking at uk sites and finding
they where around ?100,. The one I got worked out around $40, which is
not bad when converted to pounds

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