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From: Benjamin Gardiner <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 00:07:28 2004

Huw Davies wrote:

> Well, they've made the announcement, let's wait to see when we can
> actually subscribe to the new digital service and how it's going to be
> delivered (cable, satellite, fibre?).
> The real reason for posting a followup is to ask if someone can confirm
> that this e-mail is in plain text please? I've just upgraded? from
> Evolution to on my OSX Laptop and I think I've set it up
> correctly :-).

Well they have hasid the roll out will be over the next 2.5 years, the
sat subscribers are already on digital, but may need a new set top box,
and I do know that the digital will be over the existing cable network
not the analogue system they currently use.

and yes this email was in plain text.

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