Replacement for HP 9122C - any comments?

From: John <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 17:07:12 2004


The 9122C was made by HP as a HP-IB floppy drive using the SS-80 protocol
(AFAIK). (I have a 9122D which I think has the same specs running on my
HP-85 / HP-87 set-up using the EMS ROM). Anyway, I came across the following
on Google:

Company claims to be making a compatible drive, but the rest of the site is
in Chinese writing so I couldn't find a price. Has anyone come across this
drive, or know of any other compatible drives? It's not that the 9122 series
is that rare, but a modern equivalent (especially one with a 1G hard drive!)
certainly is an attractive option for those still using Series 80 and other
HP-IB machines 'for real' rather than tinkering with them like me.

John (UK)
Received on Tue Jan 20 2004 - 17:07:12 GMT

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