Cromemco SCC Eproms

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 02:03:02 2004

On Jan 20, 14:23, Joe Abbott wrote:
> Does anyone have images of Rom 0 and Rom 1 for
> Cromemco SCC S100 single board Z80 computer? My
> manual states first half of Rom 0 contains monitor
> progrom and remaining Rom 0 and Rom 1 contain 3k Basic
> Interpreter. Source code or hex listing would be OK
> too. I believe Eproms were part no. MCB-416 and they
> are 2716s.

I have a Cromemco SCC, but I'm afraid mine only has the first EPROM
(yes, it's an NEC 2716). I can dump the data from that.

It seems I also want the second half. Anyone else got it?

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