Old device (eg vacuum tube) documentation

From: Dave Brown <tractorb_at_ihug.co.nz>
Date: Wed Jan 21 04:18:17 2004

HB-3 was supplied on a subscription basis- you paid up front for as many
pages/binders as it had at that point in time and your sub paid for all the
additional pages that were published that year. Next year, you paid another
sub to keep getitng the updates. And so on. So the annual service charge was
the subscription fee.

The updates included additional pages and details of pages to be
removed-data on tubes that were obsolete etc. Plus details on getttting
extra binders etc. as they were needed. So HB-3 in it's final form didn't
have all the data ever published on RCA tubes included-just what was deemed
to be worth keeping in the 'system' at that point.

But if you were real cunning- you never pulled any of the pages out once you
started subscribing - your binders were full to overflowing and hard to
manage, but all the data was still in there from the date you started your

I have a couple of HB-3s here. They cover different subscription periods so
I have to go thru and rationalise all the data at some stage- (round tuit
territory) - meantime if it's not in one set it's often in the other!

Worth noting that nuvistors are only about 15mm high-very small, and novars
are a class of largish nine pin glass seal types- as used in the line output
stage of the last of the tube based TV sets, etc.

Dave B
Christchurch, NZ

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> >> from vacuum tubes still in use today like the 6L6 I think I saw
> >> mentioned recently to picture tubes (even a few colour types) to
> >> tube types I've never heard of like "nuvistor" and "novar".
> > Well, it's good that you found this, so now you'll know what they
> > are.
> Well, not really. There were some cutaway drawings of nuvistors; as
> near as I can figure, they're just ordinary vacuum tubes except made
> with metal rather than glass shells, and with somewhat more
> mechanically sturdy element mountings. Novars I still don't know
> anything significant about besides the numbers in the table.
> > If you really want to see a comprehensive RCA tube manual, check out
> > the ten volume, (nearly) 7,000 page, RCA HB-3 which includes
> > everything from ingitrons to transmitting tubes. :-) It's presently
> > available on CD for about US$80 from Antique Electronic Supply.
> One of the products advertised in the book I have is a five-binder set
> which "contains over 5000 pages of loose-leaf data and curves on RCA
> receiving tubes, ...". Price "$20.00 including service for first
> year", but without specifying what "service" is included.
> And it's called the HB-3. :-)
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