Cromemco SCC Eproms

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 15:21:05 2004

On Jan 20, 14:23, Joe Abbott wrote:
> Does anyone have images of Rom 0 and Rom 1 for
> Cromemco SCC S100 single board Z80 computer?

I'm very disappointed to find my SCC's single EPROM appears to be
something the previous owner made for his own purposes -- it only has
36 bytes of code in it. Sorry, Joe. I guess this one was bought
without the monitor/BASIC ROMs, which were optional.

So now we both want an MCB-416 EPROM set (or images).

On the plus side, I've found a 4FDC floppy controller manual (and a
couple of 16FDC manuals). I'd like to get the 4FDC manual scaneed.
 Could anyone in the UK do this for us? It's 46 8.5" x 11" pages, plus
one double size schematic.

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