Compaq Portable III 3.5" disk drive

From: Tore S Bekkedal <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 22:08:57 2004

Bob Lafleur spoke thusly:

>I have a Compaq Portable III with a 3.5" floppy drive that seems to
>gone bad. Does anyone know if this is a "standard" drive that could be
>replaced with a current 3.5" drive? If not, is there a specific type of
>drive I need to use for a replacement?
>I haven't even ventured to see how to go about opening the machine yet,
>so I
>don't know if it's easy or hard. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks.

I also had a Compaq Portable III - - it had a 5.25" FDD.
It left the plant 17th March 1988 - the date of my birth!

It got stolen from my grandmother's summerhouse in 1999 - and the
insurance company gave me 1500 dollars for it!

(Disclaimer: It was my mother who 'did all the talking' to the company -
I got a lot of money because of the proprietary accounting software on
the machine - The check came as a surprise to both of us)
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