Mitac LIC-2001A Little Intelligent Computer

From: Ernest <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 02:08:58 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 20:21, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> It's rare that I find a unique and interesting computer these days. This
> Mitac LIC-2001A Little Intelligent Computer is one such. Apparently, it
> was marketed in Japan because it has the Katakana (I think) character set
> painted onto the keycap fronts, but otherwise is a standard QWERTY
> keyboard layout.
> The back connectors include:
> 1) Power
> 2) Joystick (a 16-pin DIP socket mounted on its side!)
> 3) Tape In
> 4) Tape Out
> 5) TV (the jack of an RF modulator)
> 6) Expansion
> 7) Drive 1
> 8) Drive 2
> 9) Printer
> 10) Monitor (RCA type jack)
> 11) 80 Column (RCA type jack)
> Now, as I typed this, I started to sense something familiar, especially
> when I took into account the pin count on the disk drive connectors, and
> especially with the joystick port. I do believe this is an Apple ][+
> clone. I opened it up and it has a 6502 and a Z80 onboard, with three
> ROMs and lots of RAM chips, sort of like many ][+ clones I've seen (I have
> at least a couple or three other ][+ clones with 6502 and Z80 on-board).
> I just can't verify this by booting it up because it has a very funky
> power connector which requires an external power supply of some sort
> (which I didn't get with this).
> Anyone ever heard of this? The web turns up empty.

It is indeed an Apple II clone. I have pics of one on my website,
including the power supply. That's a great find. I'd love to get my
hands on one of those. What other clones do you have, Sellam? Perhaps we
should discuss a trade of some kind. Yes?

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