Advice on electrostatic deflection CRT ?

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 08:05:11 2004

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> >Tom Uban declared on Wednesday 21 January 2004 07:15 pm:
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> >> I have a real keyboard to fill the hole. I am going to have to create
> >> some new electronics as much has been stripped, but what a cool
> >> project!
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> >Hah, I know where you got that from... I saw it there just a week or two
> >ago. I'm glad that it went to a good home... I did't have anywhere
> >near enough space to put it.
>Whoa! Are you saying that the console for the 6000 series
>machine that PUCC had is just now leaving campus? I remember
>when they decomissioned those machines around '89 or '90.
>In fact, I snagged a couple of manuals that were sitting in
>the hallway afterwards.
>By the way, do they still have those 205s and that ETA-10
>they had way back? I've got to figure they got rid of them
>a while back, but you never know.

Yep, the console had languished at salvage for more than a decade, in
a back corner. Much of the electronics has been stripped, but the structure
is pretty complete and the CRTs and much of the HV is still there.

The 205 carcass is still there, being stripped for gold, no cards left,
just backplane blocks and coaxial interconnect.

I don't know what happened to the ETA-10, but I'm guessing it was sold.

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