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Date: Thu Jan 22 11:35:26 2004


   I just replied to your other message. We'll see if it gets through.

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>Hi, Joe,
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>On 21-Jan-04 at 21:06 Joe R. wrote:
>> Wahooo! Do you know if I can just plug this into any Unisite or does the
>>Unisite need any particular ROM, PAL, etc?
> It will work with any Unisite that uses the EARLY revision of controller
> It's very easy to tell. Open up your unit (you'll have to do so anyway to
install the thing), and have a look at the main board itself. The
later-revision boards have a single 72-pin 8MB SIMM installed in a socket
somewhere on the board. The early revision boards do NOT have this.
> As far as installing the actual board: Remember when we met at Orlando,
and I dissected that one unit? The expansion RAM board installs below the
main board, between said board and the power supply, screwed down to some
tabs built into the chassis.
> Don't forget: You need eight 30-pin, 9-chip, 1MB PARITY SIMMs. Non-parity
won't work, 'emulated' parity won't work, and three-chip SIMMs will not
work. Gotta use 9-chippers.
> Once you get that dealt with, simply connect the module to the main board
with a 60-conductor flat cable (I know I left you the appropriate one from
that other unit, along with the mounting hardware), and power up. Once the
system boots, it should show the increased memory amount.

   Great. Thanks. Now I just need to get one the Unisite's working!

> Your next mission will be to locate the 'Pinsite' or 'Chipsite' bases
(the Pinsite is a better investment), and the appropriate adapters.

     I have a Site 40, a Site 48 and a Chipsite with all seven sockets on
it :-)


> Happy hunting.
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