Mitac LIC-2001A Little Intelligent Computer

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 11:50:32 2004

On 22 Jan 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 04:21, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > It's rare that I find a unique and interesting computer these days. This
> > Mitac LIC-2001A Little Intelligent Computer is one such. Apparently, it
> > was marketed in Japan because it has the Katakana (I think) character set
> > painted onto the keycap fronts, but otherwise is a standard QWERTY
> > keyboard layout.
> hehe I posted on the list about one not so long ago; I have one too :-)


> Possibly Japanese, possibly Chinese by the way.

I'm leaning towards Korean now. In fact, I was thinking Korean from the
get go but that didn't jibe with my knowledge of Apple ][ clone history,
but I'd just never heard of a Korean Apple ][ clone before. I'll wager
it's Korean, which would make it even funkier.

> Aha. For some *totally* unknown reason, mine came with both UK and US
> power supplies. I *think* I kept the US power supply even though I don't
> need it - if I can find it I can look into postage for you.

Ah, excellent!

> I had two backplane units with Apple bus connectors on them; these plug
> into the expansion connector on the back of the Mitac and give it a
> proper bus for connecting standard Apple cards. Shout if you don't have
> that and I can have a look for my spare.

I do not have that either and would certainly be grateful for one to
complete this system.

> The usenet posts below suggest I still had at least the second bus
> expansion board in the middle of last year though..
> > Anyone ever heard of this? The web turns up empty.
> prior to that the only info I could find on the web was that the darn
> thing existed :)

Funny, this discussion didn't come up when I Googled on it. I guess I
should start getting used to checking Google Groups as well, but I would
think they would show relevant hits to Usenet discussions in their search

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