M7891 switch settings? (unibus)

From: Frank Arnold <fm.arnold_at_gmx.net>
Date: Thu Jan 22 13:10:15 2004

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>I have scanned 11/34 field maintenance print sets.
>They are at http://www.mainecoon.com/classiccmp/
>And if I am not mistaken the MOS memory is there too.
>AFAIK is MS11 correct, just the suffix letter makes
>all the difference (core, 11/44 MOS, etc.)

MS11-xx is alway semiconductor memory of different capacities and speed as
specified by the last two caracters (to the best of my knowledge...)

MM11-xx are the true core memories with the ferrite cores.
(Wanna see a MM11-YP, 32k x 18 core-stack? Then bump the cofee-machine)

several years after Mos memory became available people were still talking
about core if they just meant the mainstorage or R/W-Memory, regardless of
the technology it was built with.

> gd luck,
>- Henk, PA8PDP
Heh heh, on what frequency is it radiating?
Do you remember the little proggys that would make a pdp produce sound on
an AM-receiver not tuned to any station?

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>> "Antonio Carlini" wrote:
>> >> Does anyone have a manual for an M7891 (128kx18 MOS memory)?
>> >
>> >Is that an MS11 of some sort?

if it is 128kx18, then it is a MS11-LD, and has an integrated parity
controller. I should have the maintenancemanual somwhere if it of use to
anyone. I will sent a free copy to aomeone who likes to convert it to .pdf
file to be put on-line. (Will have to dig it from the garage, however)

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