shipping via truck? any advise/war-storie?

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 09:43:50 2004

I use a local Video Arcade/Pinball/Jukebox moving firm who's very well
known and trusted called Totally Amused. His name is Justin Jerrigan
and the site is and he specializes in moving
equipment up/down the entire East Coast and across into states from FL
to TX.

He has a MASSIVE 20' Trailer with ramp and can do door to door service
and his rates are reasonable. He usually works on his own or
occassionally with another individual so if equipment is cumbersome,
make sure you have someone on both ends to help him onto/off of truck.

He understands and appreciates the need for care with equipment, I've
used him on numerous occassions to pick up Storageworks cabinets, a
CDC-9766 (550lbs) and a couple of PDP racks of equipment, plus the
occassional Video Arcade game.

So if you need something moved and don't want to go to just "ANY" mover
who couldn't give a rats ass about what they are moving, contact Justin
over at Totally Amused, tell him Curt sent you, he has GREAT rates!


R. D. Davis wrote:

>Quothe Brad Parker, from writings of Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 10:05:56AM -0500:
>>So, how to get a 72"x60"x48" 1000lbs pallet from PA to MA?
>>I assume the sanest thing is to high a "logistics" firm to truck it to
>Try contacting residential moving companies who may have a truck, with
>some empty space in the back, travelling between the two points.
>About twelve years ago, I did that, only the two systems in question
>only weighed a total of about 300 lbs. Still, worth a try if you're
>not in a big hurry and can wait while it sits in a warehouse for a
>while in between two different truck routes, if the truck that picks
>it up isn't going all the way to where you want the system delivered.

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