Complete and assembled SBC6120 (PDP-8 clone) and front panel for sale on eBay

From: Robert Armstrong <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 13:52:19 2004

  I'm selling off one of the SBC6120 prototypes from VCF 6.0 on eBay
(I decided that four prototypes was more than anybody could need :-)
This is the one on the far right (sitting on the easel) in the picture
This unit includes the lights and switches front panel, black aluminum
bezel for wall hanging, a 16Mb Compact Flash card for mass storage
(that's the equivalent of eight RK05Js!) and a wall wart style power
supply. It's all ready to plug in; all you need to add is a terminal.
If you haven't heard of it, the SBC6120 is a fully functional PDP-8
clone built with contemporary (more or less!) electronics. The SBC6120
executes the PDP-8/E instruction set, includes a full 32K words of main
memory and KM8E compatible memory management, has a KL8E compatible
interface for an RS232 console terminal, can connect to any IDE/ATA disk
drive, and best of all (as you can see from the pictures!) has a fully
functional lights and switches front panel. The SBC6120 can run all
standard DEC paper tape software, such as FOCAL-69, with no changes.
OS/278, OS/78 and, yes - OS/8 V3D or V3S - can all be booted on the
SBC6120 using an IDE disk drive as mass storage devices.
Bob Armstrong
Received on Fri Jan 23 2004 - 13:52:19 GMT

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