VAXstation sysgen question

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Date: Fri Jan 23 17:16:09 2004

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> > The normal procedure was MC SYSGEN AUTO ALL/LOG followed by
> > $_at_SYS$SYSTEM:STARTUP CONFIGURE but I thought that only worked
> properly on
> > VMS 6.2 and above.
> I'll give this a crank - I'm running V7.2 - any gotchas/pitfalls/d'ohs
> I oughta watch out for??

None that I ever discovered, though that doesn't mean they didn't exist and
I should maybe have done things differently. It was common procedure to hot
swap something like a TLZ06, and if it wasn't recognised by the system then
SYSGEN would find it. Alphas were far more tolerant of doing this too.

Oh, I also never tried mixing and matching SCSI IDs; from the MicroVAX world
I inhabited the boot disk was always DKA300 (digital standard), the tape
drive was always MK{A|B}500 and in the later Alpha world the CD was
DK{A|B}400. Obviously for bigger machines this didn't count, given the
differing device naming scheme.


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