The PDP-8, PDP-11, VT100 and Tek rescue

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 22:29:52 2004

I was afraid of that ;)

On a more serious note, there are a large number of collectors here. Many
have different areas of interest. What might be VERY important to one, could
merely be "interesting" to someone else.

Recently I have been in contact with a number of local (Long Island, NY)
firms that deal in older equipment. Most of them handle Telecom, PC's and
maybe a few Sun's. I talked with owners/managers and left business cards
(magnetic and stuck to various file cabinets etc in their offices!). I have
also made phone calls and send both e-mail and snail mail to other possible

The more people who know that I am serious about this item, the better
chance I have of obtaining one. Also I will pass on any information relating
to items which I am not interested in (or simply unable to acquire).

Since there is a fairly large contigent of people who are intersted in the
PDP-8, any "open" post of "Hey I just found one who wants it..." will likely
lead to rioting. It is my hope to get my interst well known so if anyone
finds something (that they are not capable of taking), they can contact me.

David V. Corbin
Dynamic Concepts
Sayville, New York

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> ps: This goes for anyone who may come across PDP-8 and/or TU-56 material.
The reference to the credit card was to Michael's beef re not saving
the VAX 7000, my friend :)

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