Who was first?

From: Curt vendel <curt_at_atarimuseum.com>
Date: Sat Jan 24 13:20:56 2004

Is Pheonix really first? What about Compaq??? Did they produce the first
PC clones? What BIOS did they use, is it what Pheonix became?

I had always thought Lazer was the first Apple Clone??? We used to have
more of those then real Apple ]['s in college back in 84-88


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Subject: Who was first?

> I know that this is a bit like comparing apples and oranges but I was
> wondering who did what first?
> Phoenix produced a legal clone of IBM's system Bios, which enabled other
> companies to produced cheaper clones of the IBM PC.
> V-tech produced a legal clone of the Apple II+ ROMs, which it used in
> the Laser 128 (the only legal clone of the Apple II.)
> I'm guessing that Phoenix was first, and Laser followed their example
> when it decided to clone Apple's ROM codes. Is this correct? Did Phoenix
> set an example for the whole industry?
> Thanks.
> E.
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