Google died...

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 15:07:40 2004

> It was definitely not returning search results for me for a good 10-15
> minutes starting a few minutes before I posted that message. All I got
> was a mostly blank page with the Google copyright.

That sort of behaviour happens a lot here - the "transparent" web caches
that my ISP uses (NTL, so one of the bigger outfits over here) regularly
fall over and give the same symptoms you describe; timeouts and very
slow page loads are common, whilst some sites appar down yet others are
fine. How they haven't managed to fix the problem in the year that it's
been happening is beyond me!

Being transparent of course means the web browser knows nothing about
them... until they stop working. Usually the whole pool doesn't fail, so
knowing the IP addresses of them usually means I can force the web
browser to use a specific one that's still functioning - until the whole
lot comes back online.

Bloody annoying if you ask me!


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