DECnet/E and DECnet-Plus

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 19:10:59 2004

Makes sense.... even though a switch is really just a bank of bridges,
for decnet you're better off with a hub. Though I haven't run into
localtalk issues to date with using switches.


Zane H. Healy wrote:

>I've *finally* gotten the network problems I've been fighting at home resolved. It looks as if my Intel 10/100 24-port Switch has decided that it no longer wants anything to do with 10Mbit <sigh>. Anyhow, I've moved my home network back to my old 8-port 10/100 hub and a 8-port 10Mbit hub, and everything is happy (thankfully the 24-port is serious overkill at the moment).
>As a result I now have managed to get the VT420 on the DECserver 90L+ to reliably talk to my DEC PWS 433au, and my Ethertalk-to-Localtalk converter is working again so my VMS server and Mac can once again print. Life is good.
>Now that things are straightened back out, it's time to get back to something fun, namely getting my RSTS/E system talking on my network :^)
>During the network issues I managed to get DECnet/E installed on my PDP-11/73, and had managed to do a directory listing (unreliably though) of the RSTS/E system. I'm now able to reliably list directories on the RSTS/E system. More importantly I have LAT working, so I can log in from my DECserver!!!!
>What isn't working is the following:
>Getting a directory of the VMS system from RSTS/E
>Copying files between the two systems
>Logging in from one system to the other
>Has anyone tried getting a system running DECnet/E (Phase IV) to talk to a system running DECnet-Plus?
> Zane

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