more vintage PC junk available free (some good!)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 09:28:16 2004

Some of this is total junk, some is "good stuff". Here's the list:

Narrow Carriage Dot Matrix printers (all believed working, good shape)
Star NX-2430 Multifont
TI Omni 800 855 w/font cartridge
Star NX-1001 Multifont
Epson LX-850

Honeywell Bull Miniature inkjet - about 2 inches tall, 8 inches wide, 5
inches deep. Centronics IF, Cute!

Viva Modem 24 (little tower, no PS)

Dell Monitor, 14", model Vi1439U
Packard Bell Monitor, model PB8538SVGA

Complete Epson Equity I+ system, monitor, keyboard, system unit. All epson
brand original set. Haven't opened it up but I suspect it's an 8080 or such,
360K floppy. Cute stylish setup.

Misc PC cards:
16 bit ISA multi I/O card (2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 joystick, floppy, and
16 bit ISA linksys etherlan16 network card
16 bit ISA VGA (JAX TVGA8900)
8 bit ISA Sound Magic (several creative labs chips)

Last but not least... can't believe I'm going to let this one go, but it
needs a better home. I have a Corona Data Systems PPC400-12. Probably one of
the first portable PC's. Complete setup with keyboard inside the cover, a
manual or two. Can someone make a trade offer for this one? I'd like to get
something for it.

Other than the PPC, all the above is available for cost of shipping rounded
up to the nearest dollar. For the PPC, make offer - mainly I just want it to
go to a good home. Anything there's no takers for within a day or two goes
to the dumpster (except the PPC I'd hold on to).


Jay West
Received on Sun Jan 25 2004 - 09:28:16 GMT

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