Looking for a truly free hit counter

From: Brian Mahoney <brianmahoney_at_look.ca>
Date: Sun Jan 25 11:59:45 2004

I've been using these guys for over seven years. All you have to do is put a
single line on your page with a link to their site. All I put was "For the
best Counters go here " and it's worked for seven plus years. Here is the
url :


best part is no muss and no fuss with CGI etc. I only have it on my main
page but you can set up ones for subsequent pages also. I average 8 hits a
day and still get continuous offers of computers from all over the world.
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Subject: OT: Looking for a truly free hit counter

> Does anyone know where to get code for a truly free hit counter for your
> website? All the ones I have found want to put ads on your page in return
> for the code. Thanks
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