Effects of MOVING......

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> The story has a happy ending. He was able to put the parts back together
> (talk about an interesting "field support telehpone call!), and nothing
> really damaged. Ove the past ten years he has built many machines out of
> spare parts for family and friends, and is a reasonable hardware guy for
> these types of machines.
> Unfortunately, he never developed an interest in programming.......

Times have changed quite a bit. When I got my first computer in 1983 (Timex
2068) the only software I had with it was flight simulator and that gets old
quick. Since I loved computers, had no internet back then (or lost of cash
for buying games) to download demo's or P2P to download every commercial
program ever made, I learned to do some programming. So basically there is
no need to learn how to program something these days with so much plentiful
software around with easy access.

P.S. Why is it that Ultima IV cost $50 new back in 1980's and new games cost
the same 20 years later while computers are cheaper then dirt?
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