Estimated Price Of A "Classic" PDP-8?

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 19:16:44 2004

If I understand correctly, he's looking to collect from the driver's
liability insurance, not his own homeowner's, so the rider doesn't
apply here. That still leaves the problem of proving the machine's
value. I saw the earlier posting on alt.sys.pdp8, and suggested to
David that he contact Sellam, whose professional involvement in appraisal
and brokerage might carry some weight with the insurance company.
If it came to that, I'd certainly threaten to sue for the damages and not
just roll over if they don't want to pay.

Have any straight-8s changed hands on Ebay? I know an 8/S went
for $3000. I've often claimed that my straight-8 is worth that much
to those who are inclinced to think of it as "old junk", but that is based
on not much more than the fact that I would personally pay that much
for the one I have if I didn't own it already and it were offered to me.


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> Unless he had an "official" independent appraisal by a
> recognized insurance appraiser who described the PDP-8
> piece in detail and establish a value for it by
> physically looking/photographing/videotaping the
> equipment, and had it reviewed and approved by an his
> insurance agent, and applied for the rider and payed
> the extra premium for the rider, he has a snowballs
> chance in hell in collecting anything.
> steve
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