Estimated Price Of A "Classic" PDP-8?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 19:56:14 2004

On Jan 25, 2004, at 7:35 PM, steve wrote:
> Its totally different with a straight PDP-8 which the
> insurance company will view as an antique whos value
> varies greatly depending on condition (like any other
> antique), which is why they demand proper
> documentation and an additional policy if the value is
> in the thousands. Ever watch that antique show on PBS?
> They always say when estimating antique prices "you
> should have this insured for x dollars".
> This stuff is not covered on your normal policy.

   Which is the precise point of our contention. We're not talking
about a homeowners' or renters' policy at all, we're talking about
liability coverage. When it's robbery or "acts of God", and the
insurance company represents nobody but themselves, they are indeed
likely to dispute every item. At least in Texas, US, when there _is_ a
policyholder that's this clearly in the wrong, and the possibility of
intangible damages (pain & anguish) is very high, the insurance company
isn't likely to quibble over paying a few grand for unique equipment.

   Worst case, the owner of the straight-8 might need to prove, by way
of witness affidavits, that it was functional prior to the assault.
With several commercially acknowledged sources of "collectable
computer" valuation now available, an acceptable dollar value won't be
that hard to assign.

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