Water damaged computer books available

From: Boris Gimbarzevsky <borisg_at_unixg.ubc.ca>
Date: Mon Jan 26 00:20:11 2004

Recently I had a flood in a storage room and a number of computer books
unfortunately got soaked. They are drying, but as some of them are
starting to grow rather colorfull fungi, and I've been told they have to
go. In the interests of maintaining domestic tranquility, the following
material is available to whoever wants to pay me to ship it to your address
(they will be dry when shipped):
        PDP-8/L handbook
        Laboratory computer handbook (on programming the PDP-12)
        Complete copy of Inside MacIntosh manuals.
        Megamax C manual for MacIntosh (I don't know where the disks are)
        Byte Magazines from 1988 and thereabouts (when Byte was worth reading).
If anyone is interested, contact me off list at:
borisg at unixg dot ubc dot ca and use the string "Aaardvark" in the
subject line to get past my spam filter.
These materials are going into the garbage in 4 weeks if there is no interest.

Boris Gimbarzevsky
Received on Mon Jan 26 2004 - 00:20:11 GMT

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