New Classic Finds and etc. (Long)

From: Jim Davis <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 02:24:03 2004

Lyos Norezel wrote:

>Doc... this is a BAD idea... I've fried numerous devices by using the wrong power rating... even if it was only 1mA off. The voltage almost never matters... as long as the power is correct. Hope this gets to u before you fry your machine.
>Lyos Gemini Norezel
>Doc Shipley <> wrote:
>Funny coincidence, there. I just hacked a Sprint CAD-1000 AC adapter
>onto a JetDirect Ex+ last night. The receptacle of the JD is odd, so I
>had to pull the board and solder the adapter direct. Other than that,
>it's the right voltage, and a little over-amped (1A vs the JD's rated
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WHAT??? I can see an under current supply getting pulled down and causing
the evil bug in the LM309K and other vintage regulators to start that
self destructive
activity. But, too much current is a GOOD THING, Unless you have a
short, then, well.
But No, You are wrong on multiple levels. Are you a troll?
Jim Davis.
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