Estimated Price Of A "Classic" PDP-8?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 05:10:16 2004

On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 02:37:14AM -0800, William Maddox wrote:
> Ethan: *Two* straight 8s *and* DF-32s? My envy knows no bounds... ;)

Bounds? Let me put it this way... PDP-8s are the focus of what I've been
collecting since 1982. I have yet to aquire a WT78, an -8/f or an -8/m.
That's all I'm missing (from the Straight-8s up to an SBC6120 w/front panel).

Also, one of the two Straight-8s is the same one depicted on the back of
"CPU Wars" by Charlie Andres (my boss sponsored the publication by buying
the back ad - there's a Straight-8 and an 11/04 in the picture).

I just wish I had some spare DF-32 platters. I'm sure mine are toast. I
got my first pair in high school and didn't know how thin the plating is.
I powered them up and down over 50 times fixing a problem. The -8/i that
I used for testing only had 4kW and 20 years ago, I had no access to
any software that talked to a disk besides OS/8. It's still a long-time
dream of mine to get a second core stack in it. I had an offer of a swap
with a list member, but he's never come to collect the CDC drive that I
picked up for him in exchange.

Mostly to show off my -8 collection (when I'm in North America ;-), I fire
up my first aquisition, a PDP-8/L to which I've added a PC8L. I load FOCAL
for them and show them Hammurabi. I had cow-orkers over for a barbeque once,
and had the distinct pleasure of loading a DECUS paper tape for the masses
that was documentably older than our boss.


P.S. - I brought the SBC6120 with me to the Pole. It's sitting off to my
left. I plan to assemble my spare SBC6120 and two IOB6120s this winter.

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