This just makes me really SICK

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 07:56:51 2004

You're right William. We as collectors need to pony up and be willing to pay
the price over scrap. However, I have delt with a couple scrappers who tell
me "Oh, I can get $XXX for that in scrap" and I wonder how valid those
prices are. How can we know? I believe one scrapper told me that for a 6
foot rack with a 21MX cpu and a small QIC tape drive and small HPIB drive
(each of the later units is 19 inches wide, about 4 inches tall, 15 inches
deep, and weighs about 15 pounds so we're not talking lots of metal)... that
he could get $140 for the scrap metal from it. Is this about right or

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> > The point is that a lot old computer equipment is routinely scrapped for
> > as the only salvage value a lot of computers had was in the gold they
> Mostly, yes, but many contain enough aluminum and copper to make it
> wothwhile. Now that steel is up again, the frames are not so much of a
> liability.

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