Machines Available in the UK

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 14:55:02 2004

Found in alt.sys.pdp11:

A few pdp-11s with SCSI adapters seem to be available
in South Wales. I assume there may be some magnetic media
and perhaps documentation to go with them.


Antonio Carlini   
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Subject: Machines Available
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 15:17:52 +0000
Newsgroups: alt.sys.pdp11
I am retiring in the near future and will be scrapping the following.
PDP 11/44 with Emulex UC18 SCSI controller and discs, two Magnetic tape
controllers and drives, Ethernet controller, two RL02 controller and
drives, Terminal controllers.  A number of spare boards. This machine is
in working order.  In fact I have been running it for a few hours a day
recently to erase magnetic tapes and discs.
PDP 11/73 with Emulex UC07 SCSI controller and disc, magnetic tape
controller and Ethernet controller. This does not boot at the moment.  I
am not sure of the problem.
PDP 11/23 (just processor and memory).
This has not been powered up for a few years.
MicroVax 2000 with extra disc drive and non working TK50
This machine is in working order.
MicroVax II
This machine was my partner's old machine.  He retired three years ago
and the machine has not been powered up since then.
The above are all in the South Wales (UK) area near Cardiff.  Items will
need to be collected.  I do not want any money for complete machines.
If you are interested in having any of the above then please send me an
email to the address given in the signature.  Note that, due to the
amount of spam I receive, I will not receive replies made to the demon
address.  Please respond before 2nd February.
Tony Yule
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