Batteries, wallwarts, voltages and currents Re: New Classic Finds and etc. (Long)

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 16:19:40 2004

At 01:22 PM 1/26/04 -0700, you wrote:
>> reason that your phone smoked was the it's design relied on the internal
>> impedence (a fancy word for resistance(R) ) to limit the current. When you
>Close, but although both are measuered in Ohms, impedence includes
>another factor: Phase. Resistance is non reactive. That is, it does not
>change with the frequency of the source voltage. Impedence is a
>combination of resistance and reactance (capacitive and/or inductive),
>and along with phase, can change with the frequency of the applied voltage.

   I take exception with your reply! While technically true, in this case
we were clearly talking about a battery powered telephone therefore we're
talking about pure DC with no AC. Therefore phase, frequency and impedence
are irrelevent. Throwing in the talk of impedence just to show off is only
confusing the issue. The orginal poster that thought voltage didn't matter
clearly doesn't clearly understand electricity and I didn't won't to
confuse him further by introducing AC and it's effects.

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