Old MFM controller on a PCI bus machine

From: Geoff Reed <geoffr_at_zipcon.net>
Date: Mon Jan 26 18:37:48 2004

At 10:43 AM 1/26/2004, you wrote:

>I haven't played with MFM hard drives and controllers in a LONG time
>(about 10 years now) so I have some questions.
>I'll start off easy. Should there be any reason an old 16-bit ISA MFM
>controller won't work properly in a Pentium-class PC with ISA and PCI
>slots? I imagine I would just have to configure the BIOS to reserve the
>proper interrupt (I believe it's 14, correct?) for the MFM controller.
>I did all this but the MFM controller wreaked havoc on the system. It
>killed the on-board floppy disk and IDE controllers (not physically killed
>but basically disabled them and the system couldn't boot).

a 16 bit MFM controller and the IDE interface look identical to the system,
I've used 16 bit ISA MFM's in pentium systems, but have to disable the
onboard harddrive, and if the MFM has a floppy controller, I have had to
disable the onboard floppy as well.
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