New Classic Finds and etc. (Long)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 09:48:43 2004

Upon the date 03:13 PM 1/25/04 -0800, Vintage Computer Festival said
something like:
>On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Christian Fandt wrote:
> > > > The OS's that are said in that website to be used in the GRiDLite are
> > > > PenPoint, Penwindows, PenRight. What are all these??
> > >
> > >PenPoint was Go Corporation's attempt at a pen-based OS (i.e. for tablet
> > >computers). PenWindows was Microsoft's obligatory attempt to hijack the
> > >market from Go (Read Jerry Kaplan's _Startup_ for a great story). I've
> > >never heard of PenRight.
> >
> > Thanks for the info Sellam. I can't tell without tearing into the screen
> > assembly if this machine has a touch type screen for pen use in order to
> > utilize the subject OS's. Curious.
>It certainly does. All the GRiD tablets were pen-based.

Ooops, In my attempt at trying to be somewhat brief in describing my
GRiDLite Plus 1040 I did not indicate to everybody that it had a regular
keyboard (83 keys). This is not a tablet computer (I've heard of GridPad;
is that what you're thinking of Sellam?). It looks very much like many
typical laptops of the late 1980's except it's all in Johnny Cash Black
;) I can email several digital images to those who may be interested in
seeing what the thing looks like. Just email me.

Recall that I mentioned only one website, in German, which gave some
substantive info on my GRiDLite and that it mentioned only PenPoint,
Penwindows, PenRight as being the OSs that the thing used. Maybe the
website owner is incorrect although he also listed the thing having a touch

> > For the other listeners, recall we're talking about a Grid Systems GRiDLite
> > Plus model 1040. Are these the only OS's this thing works with? I'm a
>They can run DOS (not terribly useful unless you also have an external
>keyboard) and Windows with Pen extensions (i.e. PenWindows).
> > little surprised somebody hasn't commented on this machine as I thought
> > there was some interest in those oddball Grid machines. I have heard of one
> > or two collectors who specialize in Grid Systems gear but don't recall who.
>The guy (as far as I know) to talk to about GRiD computers is Rob
>Borsari, who brought close to 15 GRiD's (including a nice prototype) to
>VCF 6.0. As luck would have it, John Ellenby, there to participate in the
>Alto panel, was also the founder of GRiD :)

Whoa, cool! A source of info! Except for you Sellam, my email has been dead
silent on my request for any info on this GRiDLite Plus (same for the
Panasonic CF-150B Business Partner I found at the same place :-( )

> > I still want to learn more about this model and especially repair it except
> > I'm stymied with the dearth of any info accessible through web searches.
>I'll put you in touch with Rob. He can help you.

Anybody mind if I give a brief report on what I find out from Mr. Borsari
on the GRiDLite Plus (if anything)?



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