Zenith Z150 complete system available

From: Kevin L. Anderson <kla_at_helios.augustana.edu>
Date: Tue Jan 27 06:23:46 2004

After a long hiatus from ClassicCmp (back before the split to
two lists), I'm back for awhile.

And I think I'm ready to part with a system I've had since
the mid-80s, assuming there is someone interested.

I have a complete, original-owner Zenith Z150 (PC compatible)
system. Alas, the system is not running (the last time I tried,
it was stopping on the CPU POST test). I bought this when I
was in graduate school and used it to both write the initial
FORTRAN code for my computer model, and to write my doctoral

This system includes the original keyboard and the single-color
(green) CGA monitor. Purchased with two 5-1/4-inch floppy
drives and a single 320 Kbyte memory card. After-market mods
included adding a 20-Mbyte MFM-RLL hard drive (below the diskette
drives, so both are still there), the NEC V20 (or was that V30)
CPU replacement, and the MR-150 (?) memory mod that let you
replace the five banks of 64K chips with 256K chips and get
full memory (640Kbyte, plus a bank below the video memory) and
a 512Kbyte ram disk (bank-switched into place).

Software (with diskettes and docs), much of it rebadged for
Zenith, but also some MS-direct upgrades, includes DOS
(various versions), diagnostics, MS FORTRAN (couple of versions),
MS Word (DOS versions 1.x up to 5.x), etc.

I've hung onto this for both sentimental reasons and because
I didn't what a scrapper (here or in China) get it. I probably
even have all the original paperwork if I look in the right box.

At this point I'd rather not part-out the system, and would
rather find an interested collector (preferably in the Midwest
or local as I'd rather not ship, unless the price is right -
I'm in Dubuque, Iowa). I recall a member of this list several
years ago saying he had a bunch of replacement boards for the
Z150, and so it could be made to be working again.

I'm not crazy...I just would rather not see the waste (and my
wife is tired of me storing and moving this system for all the
years that I have). And I'd rather focus my attention on
other types/flavors of computers right now.

Write me if you are interested (with offers and trades).

Now back to your regular programming on DEC PDP-8's, 11's, etc.,
which I need to get caught up on.

Kevin Anderson

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