interesting finds: Datapoint 2400 for HP 1000?

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 18:32:54 2004

Probably connects to a 12566 BACI board. The pin-out for this cable is
available in the BACI
manual on Al's site, check this against what you have.

Joe R. wrote:

> I was digging through a bunch of cables today and found a DataPoint 2400
>MODEM with the cables still attached. The cables look like they're for an
>HP 1000. The hoods on the far end said HP (something)(something)618. I've
>looked and tried to figure out what card that might be but didn't find
>anything. Asnybody know what card that is? Anybody know anything about the
>DataPoint 2400 MODEM? I didn't see a manufacturer's name but it has the
>Bell symbol on it.
> Joe
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