DZQ11 Config Question

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 12:09:54 2004 wrote:

>Does anyone out there know what CSR Address and vector I should
>set this to to make RSTS/E happy? When RSTS INIT's, it bitches
>that the board doesn't interrupt, and happily disables it.
>I'm using it in an 11/73, with RQDX3, 1MB ram, TQK70, the
>aforementioned DZQ11, and a DEQNA.
>If I do a SHOW DEV, KB1-4 is listed, but no CSR. . . .
According to VMS (assuming that the TK50 and TK70 have the same addresses)
there aren't any floating address/interrupts, so: CSR: 760100 Vector: 300*

$ run sys$system:sysgen
DEVICE> rqdx3
%SYSGEN-I-EQV_NOTICE, equivalent name - device RQDX3 will be output as UDA
DEVICE> tqk70
%SYSGEN-W-DEVNOTKNWN, device not known: /TQK70/
DEVICE> tk50
%SYSGEN-I-EQV_NOTICE, equivalent name - device TK50 will be output as TU81
DEVICE> dz11
DEVICE> deqna
%SYSGEN-I-EQV_NOTICE, equivalent name - device DEQNA will be output as QNA
Device: UDA Name: PUA CSR: 772150 Vector: 154 Support:
Device: TU81 Name: PTA CSR: 774500 Vector: 260 Support:
Device: QNA Name: XQA CSR: 774440 Vector: 120 Support:
Device: DZ11 Name: TTA CSR: 760100* Vector: 300* Support:
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