Data General Nova 4 's

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 16:01:08 2004

Forgot to mention.: They are in Tucson, Arizona, and it's no relation to the
other Data General in a garage in Tucson that was posted here a few months's ago.



Tom Ponsford wrote:
> Hi All,
> I got a friend who is contemplating thinning out his "herd" of Nova 4's.
> He is amenable to sell or trade. But want's to make sure they will have
> a good home. They are all working and have aos plus a lot of
> documentation. The 16 bit machines are 5100, 5230, 5280, and I believe
> there is a 32 bit one also, but I cannot recall the model number (MV4000
> maybe??). He also has a few 9 track tape drives, but I got first dibs on
> those :-)
> I'll be taking some digital photos of them sometime this week and I'll
> post them as soon as I can.
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