Voltage & Current..

From: Brian Chase <vaxzilla_at_jarai.org>
Date: Wed Jan 28 16:29:31 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Lyos Norezel wrote:

> The phone required interior positive an that was, indeed, what the
> power supply was. So the wrong connector for the psu my foot... OK
> smartasses... what could have gone wrong now, eh? Voltage was EXACTLY
> the same... PSU had the correct connector and nothing inside the phone
> was shorted (I checked), same with the psu (nothing shorted). The ONLY
> difference was the difference in the amount of amps supplied. Come
> on... explain that one, eh? Bet ya can't

I think perhaps it's best for Lyos to maintain his present beliefs about
voltage and current. Over time I'm sure he'll collect more empirical
data to either confirm or deny his hypothesis (though quite likely at
some cost if he's as stubborn in his beliefs as I suspect the case to

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