Anybody have an Applied MicroSystems Z-8000 emulator?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 08:31:20 2004

At 07:03 PM 1/28/04 -0800, Al wrote:
>> PN 700-10470-04. Do you want it?
>let me take a peek inside the one I have
>> do you know if it really is Multibus?
>at one point, I had a maint manual for the 68k variety
>it may have started out that way, but from memory they
>used the P2 connector differently.

   FWIW The P2 connector is ALWAYS used differently. Only the P1
connector is standard. P2 was purposely left undefined and is always used
for whatever the designer wants. I doubt it's used for the exact same thing
on ANY two cards. Even cards like the iSBC 80-20, iSBC 80-20/4 and iSBC
80-24, each of which is a replacement for the preceeding one, use P2
slightly differently since the later ones allowed more interrupts (via P2).
 That is one of the things that makes the Multibus so flexible. If you need
a two or three card set for a function you can connect them via their P2
connectors without altering the main (P1) bus in any way. That's why the
Intel MDSs have the short two and three slot circuit boards in the chassis.
The floppy drive controllers and most of the ICEs are two board sets. The
ICE-86 is a three board set.

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