Ultrix on an 11/730?

From: Brad Parker <brad_at_heeltoe.com>
Date: Thu Jan 29 11:04:02 2004

Michael Sokolov wrote:
[removed incredibly help info about booting ultrix - thanks! I owe you!]

>4.3BSD (either original or Quasijarus) is the easiest of all to bootstrap of a
>11/7xx, including 730. Everything that you need is on ifctfvax.Harhan.ORG in
>the appropriate directory (/pub/UNIX/4.3BSD or /pub/UNIX/4.3BSD-Quasijarus0b):
>tape images and TU58 cassette image, and the TU58 is in RT-11 format directly
>readable by the 730 console, no VMB or other stuff is needed.

Excellent. I didn't realize that. I think I got confused looking at
NetBSD (which says it won't boot on a 730).

>Now here is something I want to ask you: would you happen to have an original
>DEC 730 console TU58 with the latest version of 730 microcode and console
>program they released? If you do, would you please make a block image (dd) of

I don't know what I have. Next week an 11/730 shows up which I have
never seen "live". It looks like it has an RL02, an "R80" and some sort
of 9-track. It's two racks wide. We'll see :-)

I understand there were microcode issues on the 730 which made booting
painful. I didn't realize there was a "fix" to the microcode.

Once I get done cleaning, etc... I will check. There's also a fellow
730 owner in town - I'll ask him once I have more of a clue.

I'd be happy to dd the console TU58 once it's up.


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