Some things for sale . . .

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Date: Thu Jan 29 12:31:57 2004

Hi everyone, I have a few things I'd like to clear out if anyone interested would write me. Or later they will go on eBay and/or MarketPlace. I have:

a number of great old BYTEs, Creative Computing, Kilobaud, Sinclair, CoCo, Microcomputing, magazines, etc.
A very nice Amiga 1000 with keyboard, mouse, two Amiga monitors, external floppy, disks, etc.
Osborne 1 blue model, turns on and ready, but floppies need adjustment (have to check).
Epson QX10 with monitor, keyboard, box, software, manuals, etc.
Amstrad PPC640 (or 512, gotta check), works, but needs contrast adjusted.

A few more things to come - portable terminal/printer (very nice), S-100 computer, big 'ol huge dual 8" disk drives, Lear Siegler ADM Terminal (classic iMac-like shape), ZX-80 in custom keyboard.

Thanks, David Greelish,
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